The New Girlband from Germany

Breaking into music industry is never easy, but this new girlband proves that endless struggle and hard work eventually pays off. Introducing, the new girlband from Germany – the Damenband and there are many reasons why you need to check out the performance live or listen to some of the tracks that they already released. Let’s get to know this girlband, shall we? The first member from the girlband of Germany is Inna who masters the piano as well as contribute as additional vocal.

The next member of the girlband is Sandra and she is the lead vocal of this group and the reason why she becomes the lead singer of the Damenband is because she has been professional singer for years and she has performed on both national and international events. Have you met the violinist? The Damenband’s violinist is Eugenie who has breath-taking musical appearances for different music genres such as pop and jazz.

The last but not least member of the Damenband from Germany is Monika who better known as the sexy and sweet saxophonist. Monika is unique as she has musical talent in jazz, classic, pop, and other genres to ensure any musical enthusiasts. Unique is the first thing that the Damenband has to offer as each of the members is having its own musical talent and contribute unique sense and style of music.

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Music Production House

Music is universal language and although some people believe that music is natural talent, some of us are having that talent and do not even know what to do with it. Under the right supervisor, the musical talent could be shaped into the next evolution of music and speaking about supervising musical talent, the only place to shape that raw talent is at music production house. Now, this is not the typical production house where the producers and music directors are producing commercial music, but they are going to help the raw and undiscovered musicians who are lost and guide them to have a place in music industry.

How do you know that this musical production house can facilitate musicians with raw musical talent? Well, this music production which located in Jacksonville offer various musical services such as vocal coaching, vocal production, music and audio arrangement and engineering, and many more. The music production house also produces radio-ready tracks which produced by the advanced and state of the art musical equipments run by experienced and professional sound engineers. If you think you have the talent in music industry and ready to face the long and exhausting process, this is the place for you.

There are so many choices of career in music industry besides singer and whatever musical talent that you currently have, the aforementioned music production house from Jacksonville can provide you with high tech musical equipments. Other careers that you can have on the musical industry are the song writing/song writer, artist development, voice over production, audiobook production, and many more. So, which music lesson that you are going to choose? If you do not know yet, please feel free to explore any musical talent within you because without passion, there is no point in doing this as music is part of your personal expression.

The Audio-Post Studio

Music is universal language and this is something that this unique audio-post studio owner understands and driven by his love in music, he started to open his very own audio-post studio. Please do not mistaken this unique studio with other ordinary music studios because this studio which located in the center of Santa Monica – California has been credited as one of the most accomplished and respected audio-post studios or facilities in the marketing and advertising industry. Where do you think all the jingle ads that stuck in your head coming from? Thanks to this audio-post studio, you start to mumble the jingle ads around the house.

There are no boundaries in music and the aforementioned audio-post studio knows it very well as they have been working continuously in both Hispanic and General-Market media. In term of reputation, the audio-post studio has been creating and designing music for advertising purposes which earned it reputation for setting gold standard in music for commercials no matter what the language is. All of the loyal clients of audio-post in Santa Monica know that the owner has high taste when it comes to dine and entertain the international clientele because each of the clients is different and they also have different needs.

Personalized service and amenities in audio-post industry means you have to be ready to fulfill all the clients’ requests which is why the aforementioned studio has all sorts of capabilities such as a full range of audio services alongside with the budgeting service, pre-production process, mixing stereo with 5.1 surround, dubbing, voice-over recording, voice-over casting, sound design, original and licensing for musical purpose, ADR, and many more. In order to be able to deliver such exclusive audio service, the audio-post studio consists of only professional musicians who understand that musical audio is not just an audio; it is a work of art.

The Alembic Electric Bass Instrument

How do you choose the best electric bass instrument? Well, if you think that you have little knowledge about electric bass instrument, it is highly recommended that you should ask someone who have more knowledge and experience in using the electric bass. If you can’t find one, you should have little online research and gather information about which electric bass instrument that you want to buy because different brands are having different feeling and grip. Electric bass is like a pen for author which is why, choosing electric bass is not as easy as choosing which food that you want for your lunch or dinner.

If you can’t get personal connection with the electric bass, you should not buy or take the bass and you should try to choose other available brands. One more thing, the price of electric bass determines the quality and if you not ready to spend, do not even try to buy it. Alembic bass for example and this particular type of electric bass has been considered as the Cadillac of bass instrument and it is without any reason why musicians and artists are given that nickname. What so special about Alembic and why does it stand out from other brands?

The Alembic or the Cadillac of electric bass made of only exotic woods, build by using the most sophisticated active electronics, and the last but not least is the superior construction. The music history recorded that great musicians who were using Alembic are Stanley Clark and Mark King and the two referred that nothing sounds quite like an Alembic as this electric bass has very unique sound character. Alembic is definitely more than just a company logo on the end of the peghead because this electric bass has helped numerous musicians to create various musical masterpieces.