Pandora Radio – An Introduction to Free Music Online

Amid all the controversy regarding free music online, there are a few alternatives that offer legal music listening. Pandora Radio has become one of the best options in terms of finding a balance between free music and offering what listeners want to hear. This unique concept is completely customizable with minimal advertising interruptions and a free account option. If you have not yet tried this wonderful listening tool, read on to discover the basics.

Create a Specially Tailored Station

Pandora Radio has its limitations. However, overall the system works well. Users can create a username and log in to build their own personalized stations. Start out with a genre, artist name, song or album title. From there, Pandora will find songs that are similar. Users can create many stations, so you can enjoy streaming music specific to your current mood.

As you listen, you can actively play a part in honing down the music selection to fit your preferences. Give songs you like a thumbs up, and songs you hate a thumbs down. Based on this criteria, Pandora Radio will locate more music that you will enjoy and avoid songs similar to the ones you disliked. Over time, you will need to use this feature less and less as each station is tailored to your tastes.

At Home or At Work

Any place you have internet access, you can enjoy Pandora Radio stations. Just visit the website and log in. You do not have to download any special players, which makes the experience very unintrusive. Pandora is a good option if you like to listen to music while you work because you will not have to explain any personal downloads on your work computer.

Limitations of your Free Account

If you opt for a free account, you will have a few limitations. These are very minimal in the scheme of things. First, you are allowed up to forty hours of free listening each month. Should you meet that limit, Pandora charges a small 99 cent fee for unlimited listening for the rest of the month.

A skip option is available as well. However, free accounts are subject to a skip limit. You will also have to listen to the occasional thirty second advertisement. These are not nearly as annoying as they are on other websites. As soon as the advertisement is over, your music continues.

Upgrading your Pandora

For $36 per year, Pandora Radio offers an upgrade option. If you choose to upgrade your account to Pandora One, you will enjoy unlimited listening hours, unlimited skips, and no advertisements. Before you upgrade, give Pandora a try and see if it works for you. You may discover that the forty hour listening limit is plenty of listening time, especially if you use the pause function when you leave the computer.

Pandora Radio also offers a number of other helpful features. You can find links to buy music or learn about an album or artist on the website. You may discover new music you never knew you loved, or artists’ whose songs you love but names you never knew!

Music can inspire, captivate, and make work hours fly by! If you are like me, then you must have your music everyday! Buying your favorite songs online can get costly, and other sources may be questionable in terms of legality and security. If you are like me, finding a safe, easy to use alternative is important. Let me share my experience with you.

Best Practices If You Want to Make Music Online

Your goal now must be to learn how to use digital and virtual equipment to create sound. It doesn’t take a music expert to know that music is not just about loops and beats. Your original music must complement your creative mind if you want your audience to listen to your songs.

Creating music online is a skill that’s easy enough to acquire. Experience in handling virtual and digital equipment is not a prerequisite to creating music online. You just need to have a good ear for music and good ideas about what you want to make.

To start off with, you will need a good beat making software. Just a quick Google search will turn up lots of them. Because technological innovations are common now, you will find the best and most reliable ones at affordable prices. This equipment is one of the basic things you should get for you to make music online.

So get yourself a program that you are happy with. Make sure it has all the sounds that you will want to be using and much more. Remember, the more choices of sounds you have on hand the more you can create the music that reflects your style.

Rap music can be created by anyone with the use of technology. Every rap enthusiast can now make music beats online for as long as they have the persistence and the enthusiasm to come up with great music.

if you’re looking for ways to start a thriving career in rap music, you need to understand a few things. Music that sells isn’t just made up of catchy beats. You must incorporate your original style in your presentation. And there is no way you can have both of these unless you know what to do and unless you have developed your skills.

I know how downloading your first software can be quite scary, particularly of you’ve never done it. But don’t worry! Most of the beat making programs out there are user friendly. A support help desk can answer most of your questions about the software you just bought. Software companies have people who are trained to help out when customers run into trouble with installation and download.

When making beats online there are basic things you need to learn, you need the right tool, which is the software and then you need to have the right skills. If your skills are below par, you can continue to practice creating music using this software and you’ll be a pro in no time.

One thing you can’t do without is having a great ear for music. To make music online you ought to utilize the features of the program to make sure you’re creating the best music you can create. If you have the ability and the ear for clearing up your beats so that they have high quality sound, then you can use your musical talent and originality along with a great program to create awesome and memorable music.

The best thing about it is you get to make music online. Now you have a way of creating music in your own room, even without professional music equipment!

Selling More Music – 12 Ways to Convert Fans Into Buyers

From the outside you look like a very successful independent musician. You’re getting a lot of visitors on MySpace and Facebook. You’ve got enough ‘friends’ to start your own fairly large city. Everyone is raving about your music. You’re being played on Internet radio stations worldwide. So why aren’t you making boatloads of money?

Here are several thoughts, questions and suggestions that will help you find the best ways to get your fans to buy your music and attend your shows:

Visits to your website or social network page are not equal to fans. Stick around long enough and you’ll amass visitors organically. ‘Friends’ are also not the same as real fans if they have never even listened to your music. Find and cater to those people in the masses who really love you and your music — the ones who actually mention individual songs or who reply to your comments. You may want to work to get a few people to spend a lot of money each, rather than a lot of people trickling in a few cents here and there. It will add up quickly.
There is an enormous amount of competition out there. What are you doing to keep people on your website or social network page long enough to make that crucial buying decision? 30- or 60-second samples of your songs often won’t do the trick. Stagnant pictures are often not enough. However, videos of you performing, being interviewed, living life off stage, for example, are all ways to keep people glued to your page or website. Interesting blogs, contests etc. can also do the trick. Engage your visitors long enough to move them from casual onlooker to dedicated fan.
Who you know who your fans really are? Do they have money? Is it disposable income? Some demographics are not as wealthy as others, especially when the economy is depressed. Be sure you are marketing yourself to people who have the money to spend on both downloads and show tickets.
Do you cater to a demographic that buys music online? Some demographics are known to purchase a lot of music online, while others still prefer CDs. Some purchase a lot of ring tones, while others do not. Know your fans and their buying habits.
Do you make it easy for your fans to purchase your music? Is there a link on every one of your social network pages and on your website to purchase music on the spot, or do they have hunt to try to find your music on another website to buy it?
Where are your most ardent fans? If you know this, you can set up your tours to coincide with where your largest and most dedicated fan bases are. You can learn this with surveys and other fan-tracking widgets. Be sure to collect zip codes when your fans sign up for your newsletter, so that you can specifically market to them when you’re going to be performing in their region.
People can listen to music for free all day long. Many are used to not paying for it. So, are you giving them a reason to buy your music? For example, does buying your music enter them in a contest for a grand prize? If they order your CD can they buy an autographed picture, or a t-shirt for 1/2 price? How about offering a couple of free downloads if they buy your CD. You need to convince them that it is worth both their time and money to take their credit card out and spend their hard earned money on your music. Always give them more value than they are paying for!
Are you building relationships with your fans, or are they just numbers to you? Do you have a newsletter that you send out monthly to your fans? Do they know more about you than just what you sound like? Are your communications robot-like, or do you actually carry on a dialogue with your fans? Do you have candid videos or photos or is everything ‘professional’? Fans want to get to know you. They want to feel like an ‘insider’ — a real friend — not just another email address.
Are you touring? People love to buy music from acts that they have seen. They buy a reminder of the experience. Touring helps you create a buzz! This is especially true if you perform a lot in just a few select regions rather than scattered all over. By returning to regions every few months, you give your new fans a chance to show off their ‘find’ and bring their friends to see you. The cycle repeats itself each time you return, to the point where eventually you have enough fans in each area to move up to bigger and higher-paying venues!
Are you giving people reasons to buy now rather than later? For example, can you offer a limited pressing of a CD? An example would be, “We are only selling 500 copies of this CD with this cover and an autographed insert.” There’s a reason why infomercials have that famous line… “Order in the next 10 minutes and you’ll also get___”
Is your music priced to sell? Would you rather sell 5,000 CDs at $10 each and make $50,000, or 1000 CDs at $15 and make $15,000? Do you want 200 people to buy a $10 ticket to your show to clear $2,000, or 50 people to buy a $25 ticket to clear $1,250? Remember that 200 fans at a show will enable you to sell 4 times the CDs and merchandise after the show! Know what your fans are willing and able to pay.
Are you creating anticipation in advance for your new music, or are you just putting it out there when the recording is done? Are you counting on your ‘friends’ to return to your site on their own to see if you’re released new music, or are you driving them there to hear something they’ve been anxiously waiting for? Are you feeding them ‘sneak peaks’ of your newest music? There is a reason why you see commercials for movies that won’t be in theaters for another month. It’s all about building the excitement and anticipation.

The bottom line is that there are thousands of independent musicians trying to sell their music to the same people you are. Your job is to give your fans a reason to buy your music and merchandise instead of or in addition to someone else’s. Get creative. Engage them enough that they want to take something with them when they leave your gig or website!

Bluegrass Music Online

You don’t have to live in Kentucky to hear Bluegrass music. There may be festivals and such in various places around the country, but for the music lover, they want to hear the music that they love all of the time. There is just something so happy about Bluegrass music and it holds on to some of the roots that many of us have in this country. It is a true form of music that has existed for hundreds of years and continues to bring joy to people all of the time. That is why many look for Bluegrass music online in order to get their fix.

As stated before, Bluegrass music doesn’t necessarily turn up just anywhere. There are festivals and the such in the Appalachian Mountains and the surrounding foothills where individuals can come together and share their love of Bluegrass. Other than that there isn’t much else. The radio doesn’t even play that much Bluegrass, so an individual has to take matters into their own hands. This usually means purchasing Bluegrass music online so it can be played whenever.

There are a number of websites that sell all types of music online. This can be through sites that sell CDs or those sites that allow music downloads. For those who wish to build their collection, they may choose to go with the CD because they can take them anywhere. Yes, music can usually be burned to a CD once it has been downloaded to a computer from a legitimate download site, but there is nothing like having the real thing to add to your collection rather than a disk that has been written on by a Sharpee. Through purchasing music online, you are able to have pictures of the bands, copies of lyrics, and the track list so that you don’t have to research all of that information yourself. It may not be too much a task for you, especially if you love your music. However, you should experience the various albums in order to be introduced to Bluegrass music that you have never heard before.

And what’s better is the fact that there are plenty of affordable albums to buy so that you can get your dose of Bluegrass. It is a true art form when it comes to music and can take any individual back to the days when there was no internet, there was no television, and there was no radio. There were just a bunch of people gathering around and enjoying music in its most original form. That is why you should purchase Bluegrass music online so you can experience that intense form of originality. There is just no other way for you to experience it.